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Description : JVC Professional's new DT-3D24G1 monitor is a compact 24” 3D display which provides a comfortable working environment and includes a range of significant production tools. Equipped with proven technology from the DT-V Series of monitors series – including an IPS panel, switchable colour space, high-resolution waveform and vectorscope – the new 3D monitor accepts and processes signals from dual camera systems, stereo-rigs and coded Side-by-Side and Line-by-Line 3D signals. Uniquely, the monitor has a built-in 3D scale function that allows you to measure the amount of binocular disparity by pixels or percentage in real time. This is critical to broadcast delivery specifications, where they are very strict with positive and negative parameters. The DT-3D24G1 features an Xpol Circular Polarising System, while a built-in mixer function enables 3D checking on location without the need for any additional equipment. The 3D production monitor can also be battery operated for true field use.
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Main Features :
3D image display with the Xpol® circular polarisng system
Compatible with Side-by-Side and Line-by-Line formats
3D Mixer for checking 3D content on-site
3D Cursor for optimized 3D effects
Horizontal (R) shift function to check vertical shift and colour discrepancy
1,920 x 1,200 pixel resolution
Gamma preset mode
Audio level meter
On-screen Dual Time Code display
Vectorscope and Waveform duel-scope modes
Additional features :
Convenient functions for the checking of recordings include Mirror/Rotation, Split and L/R Sequential Display
Technical specs :
Accessories :
3D-VPBP-0100 3D Glasses (10pcs)
3D Demonstration Software
Brochures and manuals :

DT-3D24G1 brochure
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