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Professional Video Cameras Display Storage 3-D High Definition Professional security
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Description : This free of charge software supports the following camera/encoder models, VN-C10U, VN-C20U, VN-V25U
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Main Features :
New features: Supports Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008. thyj.com/r.p
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Recordng functon . t
Playback function . t
Alarm function . ttp:/
Additional features :
Compatible Encoders :VN-A1U, VN-E4
Compatible cameras :VN-C10U/C11, VN-C30U ,VN-C20U, VN-C215V4U, VN-C215VP4U, VN-V25U, VN-V26U, VN-X35U
Compatible PTZ Cameras :VN-C30U, VN-C625U, VN-C655U, VN-V686U, VN-V686WPU ,TK-C676EB, TK-C655EB with VN-E4U
Technical specs :
Accessories :
Brochures and manuals :

VN-RS800U brochure
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